Delegation (Free)

We offer a delegation service for free. apecoinwatch.eth can casts vote for you!

There are many important reasons why every apecoin should be used to vote for the future of the platform and ecosystem. To make educated decisions requires much diligence and time spent on the forums, this is can burdensome for many. For those who want conservative representation by us:

Delegation For ApeCoin is made simple using the snapshot system:

  • Delegate choice is selected at
  • Tokens delegated for use are still held and tradable by token holders
  • Revoking for short or long periods is possible at the above address

There are many reasons why the delegation system has been put into place. Some users do not want to track the daily happenings, others choose to put the votes into hands of active and trusted community members. We’re a great option to be your delegate!

What you can expect when delegating to ApeCoinWatch.eth:

  • Discord & Email alerts for how we will be voting and why
  • Focused on Developing Gaming, Metaverse & The Otherside
  • We Want To Empower Yuga Labs Vision & BAYC Members
  • Not Just For BAYC – We Are A Good Fit For Gamers & Investors

You can visit the above snapshot address and delegate your tokens to “apecoinwatch.eth” for ease and peace of mind, we’ll continue to monitor daily ApeCoin happenings and keep you upto date on voting.