There has been a lot of activity & talks in the Apecoin community about the future. These include structural additions such as working groups & growth of the community through engagement initiatives. There are a lot of talented people who are thinking about ways to grow the DAO and smart people who are coming up with ways to allocate the treasury for ecosystem growth.

Launchpads & marketplaces are the base of the ecosystem. Members within the DAO are communicating with each other, and consensus on a general direction is being found. There are great things ahead for Apecoin & I’m excited to share those with you in this newsletter & on my twitter page. Thank you for being active & involved in our growing DAO!

We received great praise from Board Member Yat Siu during a live twitter space where he noted the improved quality of proposals coming through. This has been a team effort performed by many people in the community, and those interested in proposing new ideas should connect w/ experienced writers such as @RedVulkan or myself @0xSword on Twitter.