I think over the fall months, we will see an increase in overall participation on through both the forums & snapshot voting. There is a proposal moving forward to create a delegation website, this will improve the experience for both delegate candidates & the token holders delegating. That’ll raise votes!

From forum’s perspective, there’s more work that needs done by active users to attract more people to the community. Creating conversations is the best way to raise our daily visitor counts, and that’s something that as a team we all could be doing better. We want people to wake up & check the forums!

Marketplace proposals are currently being processed & in the questions phases, there are four of them. Aso there are launchpads that are looking to curate & fund collections using ApeCoin, they may forward their proposals. We’ll definitely see more action on these type of things in September.

I have a few proposals that I’d like to bring forward. My personal strategy is first to find community support before starting them into the AIP process.