Let’s talk more about proposals…I enjoy this topic…!

For those looking to make proposals, we can spend a lot of time on a Zoom call discussing the details. Often proposers make the mistake of including their entire business plan & future dreams within the document. I think this is a mistake to do, and these added extras make the proposal less clear.

Consider the following as you develop a proposal:

  • Business details can be included in follow-up posts. Don’t feel the need to fit the full “sales pitch” into the proposal. You have a whole thread!
  • Clearly state what the proposal will accomplish. “This proposal will fund our game to integrate ApeCoin & give the alpha players X rewards.”
  • During phase 2, the admins ask a lot of questions. If you make broad statements in your proposals, you’ll be asked dozens of questions.

Ask yourself during the writing process “Does this need included in the proposal, or can I address these questions in other posts?” Because often, there’s no need to include a five year plan if the proposal request isn’t going to be covering that. Look for ways to make these proposals streamlined.

Presentation Matters. Keep it clean, make it easy to read.