Over the last few months, I’ve been asked to give feedback on proposals through both private messages & Zoom calls. Often these proposers want to learn about the AIP process, get advice for how to format their proposals, and also learn how to connect with other members of the DAO for support!

This is a smart strategy for anyone with an idea. There is a group of around ~ 10 of us who are happy to look over proposals, give early feedback, and also give you motivation to take your idea forward. As a general rule, we all want to see proposals be successful, and to be able to rally behind good ideas!

Here’s my advice for those with ideas:

  • Build as much as you can first. Alpha & beta versions are worth more than just a broad idea and a business plan. Have something to show!
  • Connect with active forum members. Send them a quick DM, say “can you look at this?” Believe me, good valuable feedback will be given.
  • Ensure your idea proposal reads well. In a recent small twitter poll, over 50 percent didn’t vote because A) boring to read, or b) hard to read.

If writing isn’t “your thing,” it should be, at least when you sit to write a grant proposal. There are resources to help, and I will share more about that later…