There will soon be an AIP come up that caught me off guard. A member of the forum has created a proposal for creating and moderating a discord. My problem with it: Who are the mods? Not me. Not other DAO members. The proposal will bring in random outsiders chosen by this individual. Cost will be around ~$500,000 to manage the DAO discord for one year. Yes, we need an official discord.

Yes, we need active moderators who engage in conversations, who help new entrants to orient and find their place in the DAO, and yes I believe these things should already have been put in place. I am entirely against this proposal because it will pay outside moderators 6,500 Apecoin monthly to manage the discord. There are DAO members in the community who would better benefit from that grant.

I’d love to manage communications for a salary like that. There are dozens of active members who would also like to contribute in similar positions. When this proposal comes up for vote, please consider voting no, as I and others within the community will make a counter proposal.