During these last few months as the market has taken turns, there have been many who are looking to the future of the Apecoin DAO. New ideas for improving the experience are in the proposal process, with even more being discussed by individual members & groups. “A bear market is a time for building,” has commonly been said.An important AIP has been proposed by Board Member Maaria.eth. She has presented a proposal to improve the delegation experience. It will be built on on its own website.

Members will be able to self-nominate & have themselves listed as delegate candidates. The user interface will be clean and come with sorting options.This model is based on the success of ENS domain’s DAO. There are several features that will make this proposal popular. One of the main benefits is added transparency when choosing a delegate to trust with your token votes. Users will submit short applications that can be viewed, and their voting history will also be made more visible.